Roofing Services

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    What are the Benefits of Roofing Services?

    Protect and beautify your home with the professional residential roofing services provided by TC Roofing & Restorations. We know more than anyone that your roofing system is so much more than just shingles.

    All of the components of your roof work together to protect you from extreme weather, keep moisture from entering your home, and ensure energy costs stay low. Not to mention, a roof can make your home look newer and boost its aesthetic appeal.

    Our licensed roofers specialize in:

    • Residential roofing
    • Home roofing replacement
    • Flat and low slope roofing services
    • Home roof repairs
    • Roof installation
    • Emergency roof services
    • Insurance claim assistance
    • Leak location
    • Residential re-roofing
    • Storm damage repair
    • Shingle replacement
    • Home roof inspection
    • Asphalt shingle roofs
    • Home roof maintenance
    • Roof remodeling services
    • And much more

    To learn about the full scope of our services and how they can benefits you, get in touch with us today. We look forward to assisting you.