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At TC Roofing our #1 goal is to ensure your home is protected from the outside elements. Our team has extensive knowledge of roofing systems which allows us to help homeowners keep their home safe.

Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home from the outside elements. Unfortunately in our area we experience large hail and high winds which cause extensive damage to your roof.

If your roof is damaged or if you would like to know if your roof is damaged we offer free no-obligation 25 point roof inspections. Tap Schedule Inspection to get started.

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3 Reasons Homeowners Need Their Roof Repaired Or Replaced

Hail Damage

Hail hits your roof at 100+ miles per hour causing your shingles to lose their protective ability. Over time water will make its way underneath the shingles and cause leaks inside your home.

Wind Damage

Strong winds can completely rip shingles off your roof. If left unrepaired water will start to penetrate your roofs decking and cause leaks inside your home.

Old Roof

Most shingles have a 15 year life. After 15 years of being exposed to the elements your shingles will no longer be able to prevent water from penetrating your roof. Which will lead to leaks in your home.

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7 Steps To A Brand New Roof

1. Inspect Roof For Damages

Most damages are undetectable from the ground. Our team utilizes drone imagery to safely inspect your roof for hail and wind damage. Once the damages are confirmed we work with you step by step to repair your roof back to new.

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