Upgrade To Impact Resistant Shingles & Save Thousands On Your Insurance Premium…

Insurance companies are offering discounts to policy holders who have impact resistant roofing systems.

What Is An Impact Resistant Roof? 

An impact resistant roof is a roof made with materials that are wind and hail resistant.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

How Does TC Roofing Help Homeowners Get The Discount?

Most of our customers are able to qualify for this discount after a hail or wind storm damages their current roof and it needs to be replaced. We help the homeowner pick out an impact resistant shingle to use during the re-roofing process based on their insurance companies requirements.

After the new roof is put on we sign the necessary paperwork with their insurance company to certify the roof.

After getting the discount our customers are seeing a $500-2,000+ per year savings on their insurance premium.

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