How to Prepare 

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Keep your home safe during a freeze.

If the Snowmageddon of February 2021 taught us anything, it’s that even in Texas it is important to know how to properly prepare your home for freezing temperatures, ice, and snow! Co-owners of TC Roofing and Restorations, Matt Timcho and Jenny Connolley are bringing you 7 awesome tips to prepare your house for the winter weather!

Tip #1- Don’t forget to check your chimney! 

If you have a fireplace, whether it’s gas or wood burning, don’t forget to check that your flue and chimney are clear and not blocked by old debris or buildup from past use. Not only will this provide a safe way for the exhaust gasses to exit freely, but it will help prevent any fires in places you don’t want them to be!


Tip #2- Stock up on firewood ahead of the game!

In order to make sure you don’t run out of wood when you need it, make sure to stock up on extra firewood before any winter weather for a couple of reasons. The supply and demand will be higher during winter weather so locating burnable wood may be harder than you think, plus if the snow and ice is heavy then deliveries may be delayed or even blocked due to road conditions.

Tip #3- Protect your outside faucets!

Any place where you have an exterior faucet on the outside of your house needs to be protected from freezing pipes. The easiest way is to pick up a faucet cover from your local hardware store, such as Lowes or Home Depot. These styrofoam covers are crucial in keeping your faucets warm and preventing freezing pipes. You can typically pick them up for $3-4 each and can find them most places that sell hardware or garden supplies.

Tip #4- Detach your exterior hoses!

Any water that is in your hose during the freezing nights will… you guessed it, freeze! When water freezes it expands, so not only will you be dealing with holes in your hose, but trying to get your hose detached from the outside faucet will be extremely difficult and will most likely lead to your pipes freezing. So plan ahead, detach, and drain all of your hoses before any freezing temperatures hit you!

Tip #5 & #6- Open up those cabinet doors, and let the faucets drip!

In any room with a sink on an exterior wall of your house, open up the cabinet doors to let the warm air of your house reach the pipes underneath your sink. This will help in keeping those pipes from freezing as easily! Also in really cold temperatures, let your faucets slowly drip to keep things moving in your pipes just enough so they don’t run the risk of freezing.

Although they are definitely an investment and can be pricey, having a generator on hand in case you do lose power can be really great to keep essential electronics running, such as a space heater or your refrigerators. By having a backup power solution, you can make sure that  important things can still be taken care of. Make sure to also stock up on whatever your generator needs to be powered, so that you don’t run out of fuel! 

With winter storms comes freezing and ice damage to your roof. Oftentimes the sealants on your roof can’t withstand the freezing temperatures, so if we happen to face another snow-mageddon give us a call to come and check your roof after the freeze to make sure that everything is in tip top shape. Stay safe and stay warm this winter and if your roof is compromised, we’d love to help you out!