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6 Ways To Refresh Your Roof After Cold Weather

Once spring arrives, one of the most critical parts of your home that needs some attention is your roof. Roof maintenance can be tricky, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you out.

1) Clean Your Gutters

A proven way to keep your roof in good condition is by keeping your gutters clean. Debris like leaves and sticks can easily clog up your gutters, which can lead to water build-up and ultimately damage your roof. Ensure you clear out your gutters at least once a season or more often if you live in a particularly leafy area. It might be tough for you to clean your gutters on your own, especially if they’re high up, so you may want to consider hiring a professional gutter cleaner.

2) Look for Water Damage in Your Attic

Another common issue that can damage your roof is water infiltration. This can often be difficult to spot, but one sign that you may have a problem is if you observe water stains or seepage on your ceiling or in your attic. If you suspect that you have a water infiltration issue, be sure to call a professional immediately – it could potentially lead to much more serious damage in the long run. It can cause the roof decking to rot, the insulation to get wet and moldy, and even the framing of your house to become compromised. It’s important to take immediate measures to prevent further damage.

3) Check for Shingle Damage

It’s important to look closely at your roof and check for any damage. This includes looking for missing or damaged shingles. If you observe any problems, be sure to repair them right away – otherwise, the situation will only worsen over time. You can usually fix shingles by replacing them yourself, but you may need to call in an expert if the damage is more extensive.

4) Remove Dirt & Debris

Another important part of roof maintenance is removing any dirt or debris built up on top of your shingles. This can include leaves, twigs, and other materials blocking water from flowing off the roof. This will help you keep your roof in good condition, and it will also improve the appearance of your home.

5) Always Fix Your Roof with Quality Materials

When it comes time to fix your roof, always use quality materials. This will not only help keep your roof in good condition for longer, but it will also enhance your property’s curb appeal. Cheaper materials may seem like a bargain up front, but they are often prone to failure and can end up costing you even more later.

6) Hire Professionals to Inspect Your Roof Annually

Even if you properly care for your roof, it’s always a good idea to have professionals inspect it on an annual basis. This will help identify any likely problems before they become too serious. Professional inspections can also help you save money in the long run by catching minor issues before they turn into big ones.

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